Creating insane success in Dubai’s luxury watch markets is an incredible watch dealer brand Bigz The Jeweller

Bigz The Jeweller has been earning a mammoth of clients across Dubai, becoming one of the most trusted watch trading brands in the region.

No matter how much ever we talk about the rise of certain brands and businesses across the world that have been driven by the astuteness of young minds, still, sometimes it becomes necessary to talk about them more for many other up-and-coming talents of the world to realize how grinding every day and developing newer ideas can fetch entrepreneurs, experts, brands and businesses the success they truly seek. This has what led a few of them to gain massive momentum and growth even in a short span of time, leading them to the forefront of their respective industries. Bigz The Jeweller has done that and gone even beyond the usual by making its name preeminent in the luxury watch markets, especially in Dubai, the UAE, as one incredible and trusted watch trading brand.

Founded by a youngster and a true watch lover Faisal Hussain, Bigz The Jeweller is undoubtedly becoming a big brand in the industry, thanks to the endless efforts this young guy has put in to take the brand to greater success levels even in the Dubai markets, which is already overflowing with many other competitive brands. However, on asking what made him flourish the brand in Dubai, Faisal Hussain says that he always knew that Dubai could offer him opportunities no other country ever would, which is why it is known as a land of crazy opportunities across any field and business. He aspired to tap the Dubai markets and hence, went all-in to spread his wings with Bigz The Jeweller in Dubai. Fast forward today, the brand has already earned enormous clients in Dubai and is growing each passing day.

Bigz The Jeweller has become a sought-after watch trading brand in Dubai and also has its presence in the UK, across London and Birmingham. It offers people brands from Rolex, Patek to Richard Mille, and more. Also, the brand is focused on making these pieces available to everyone and not just people from the big cities. Faisal Hussain credits his close friend Faris Al Masaod, who belongs to a well-respected family in Dubai, for showing his rich watch collection, which ultimately motivated him to be a part of this industry.

Today, Bigz The Jeweller (@bigzthejeweller) has truly taken over the Dubai market as an exceptional watch dealer by selling, buying, and trading luxury watches.

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