“You need to offer people services that can provide actual results,” says entrepreneur Vedat Aktepe, the brain behind Bonita Hair Clinic

The Turkish entrepreneur believes that his hair transplantation business could thrive massively because the team focused on customer satisfaction and the highest quality services.

The world has seen the rise and fall of so many people, entrepreneurs, brands, platforms, and businesses. Many of these people and businesses fail to deliver on their promises because they hardly focus on what their USP is and how they can best deliver to their target demographic. Also, many of them do not have a specific aim to achieve through their business and only focus on making profits, making false claims for their products/services. What they fail to understand here is that people need authentic brands they can trust and continue buying from them after gaining their desired results. However, we have an exception here, a brand that completely surrendered to their patients and served them right in hair transplantation; we are talking about Bonita Hair Clinic by entrepreneur Vedat Aktepe.

On asking what made this Turkish entrepreneur, who now lives in Brussels, Belgium, scale Bonita Hair Clinic to newer heights of success within a decade, the passionate business owner replies saying that as a team, they are high-performing professionals who hold years of great experiences in the niche as hair transplant specialists. Love for work and the genuine goal to fill a gap in the industry to provide people with the best hair transplant services in Istanbul and Brussels have brought Bonita Hair Clinic to where it stands today in the industry.

Adding further, Vedat Aktepe says that other up-and-coming clinics and brands in hair transplantation must work on providing people services that can go beyond claiming things and can actually provide the results that patients seek. For him, the magic is just not in the modern technologies utilized through procedures and treatments to treat patients, but it is in the magical touch of specialists who make patients feel at home and, through customized services, offer top-notch results to them, helping them overcome issues of hair thinning, receding hair lines, balding and the like.

He highlights that only after offering people uniqueness and the highest quality standards in services can they go ahead in making their mark in the industry.

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