The story of the remarkable force behind Miss Universe Persia and it’s appearance at the Miss Universe finals!

Veni,vidi,vici!I came,I saw,I conquered!These famous words of legendary Roman  general Julius Caesar after yet another crushing victory can now aptly be used to describe the historic and euphoric success of a woman named Golshan Bakhtiary who on March 20 in the eternal city of Rome,announced to the world that after seven gruelling years of campaigning,

she and her team had finally secured a spot for Persian woman to compete in the prestigious Miss Universe competition.

 Her story is one of utter strength,determination and resilience and began in the small Iranian town of Masjed Soleiman where she was born on June 17,1990.At the tender age of nine years Golshan’s life took  a transformative turn as she watched the Miss Universe competition for the very first time on their modest 14 inch television.She was instantly captivated and enthralled by the beauty,grace and poise of the contestants and it ignited a dream that would shape and mould the entire trajectory of her life.At that moment she decided that she would take on the establishment,challenge the world,defy the odds and what she did ultimately was prove in the process that dreams when driven by passion and purpose,have the power to shape reality.

Arriving in Italy and undeterred by the skepticism surrounding her mission,she embarked on a journey fraught with obstacles and insurmountable challenges. Her countless never ending efforts to secure the first ever Miss Universe franchise for Persian women included rallies,21 km excruciating barefoot walks,engaging with Italian and European Union politicians and celebrities etc as she transformed her personal quest into a mass collective movement,such that eventually the Miss Universe organization applauded her endeavours and relentless perseverance and awarded her the coveted franchise.The sleepy oil rich town of Masjed Soleiman now has arguably it’s finest ever treasure!

Her tale is one of triumph over adversity,of courage over fear but especially one of collaboration.Golshan is adamant that the quest for her holy grail would like Julius Caesar’s,have been fruitless without the support of her Miss Universe Persia team;her Roman warriors,her gladiators,her truly magnificent unsung heroes that she considers invaluable and indispensable.

Golshan’s trusted deputy and her General Vice President is the elusive but highly effective Zeyad Hassan whose advice she considers invaluable.Meanwhile her Vice President in charge of strategy Afshin Sajedi is the dynamic founder and CEO of Jets 100,an exclusive private aviation firm based in the USA.It’s therefore appropriate that as the team prepares in earnest for the flight ahead,we can safely conclude that Golshan’s 21 kilometre walks are a thing of the past. Rather it’s now time for Golshan to get Aladdin’s magic carpet out and prepare for the flight of angels!Highly and multi qualified Valeria Murari is the International Communication Director of Miss Universe Persia who loves people,fashion and marketing.Salma Eltoukhy,a former beauty queen herself is the director of Cultural Promotion who is keen to stress the point that this momentous achievement provides an important platform to empower women from Persia,the Middle East and the rest of the world.Other members of the team include Mr Alok Jha (Marketing Director), Mr Claudio Iali(Executive Producer), Mr Aras P(Director of Photography and Videography) and Miss Olga Matsyna(Press Office Director)It’s a team packed with talent and brimming with confidence and they will need to be as they put together the final touches for what will surely be a Michelangelo master stroke when the curtain comes down at the actual finals of the Miss Persia pageant scheduled for June 17th,2024 in Rome.It’s a contest that is going to attract contestants of a Persian background from across the diaspora showcasing Persian culture,beauty and intellect.This will eventually pave the way for the winner of the competition to join the other winners of the globe at the Miss Universe finals in November in Mexico.Wow!Exciting times indeed!

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